Samosa with Chocolate Filling


3 1/2 cup all-purpose flour
2 cups refined oil
2 1/2 cup dark chocolate (Try Campco Chocomass)

For Filling :

2 1/2 tablespoon pistachios
2 cups sugar
8 teaspoon caster sugar

For Dough :

4 tablespoon ghee

How to make-

Step 1- Take 100g of the choco mass in a bowl and microwave it until it melts.
Step 2- – In another bowl, add 6 teaspoon castor sugar, all-purpose flour, ghee, and mix. Mix all the ingredients until the mixture gets a crumbly texture.
Step 2- For the filling, in a bowl, mix pistachios and choco mass along with remaining caster sugar. Place a saucepan over medium flame and heat 2 cups of water in it. Add sugar and heat until the sugar dissolves. It should have a thick consistency. Once done, take it off the flame.
Step 2- Now, take small portions from the dough and roll small size chapatis out of these. The size must be something that fits in the palm of your hand easily. Make sure that the small-sized chapatis are not too soft nor hard.
Step 2- Add 2 teaspoons of the chocolate-pistachio filling inside the chapatis. Seal the chapatis from outside to make a samosa. Repeat the process to make other samosas.
Step 2- In a deep bottomed pan, heat refined oil over medium flame. Once the oil starts to fume, gently add the raw samosas and deep fry until golden in color. Transfer the samosas to a plate lined with tissues to soak up the excess oil.
Step 2- Dip the samosas in syrup and flip until all the samosas are well coated with syrup. Align them on a plate and drizzle with chocolate syrup, if desired, and serve immediately to enjoy!

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