campco choco mysore pak

Campco Choco – Mysore Pak


Gram flour 1 cup
Sugar 1 cup
Ghee 1 cup
Choco Mass 50 gms
Milk 1 cup
Add salt for taste

How to make-

Step 1- Put some ghee on the pan and add gram flour and stir it well in slow flame until you get the aroma.
Step 2- Take another vessel and mix milk, sugar, Choco mass, and half glass of water and stir it properly. When it completely dissolves, you can slowly mix it with the stirred gram flour and ghee.
Step 3- When it hardens, sugar mixture and stir it in such a way that it wouldn’t stick to the vessel.
Step 4- Take a wide plate and spread some ghee around it. Take the mixed paste and put in on the plate and spread it evenly.
Step 5- Cut it evenly for around 1.5 inches wide before it cools down.

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