chocolate smoothie

Delicious Chocolate Smoothie

Start your day with this delicious chocolate smoothie made with Campco Chocomass. Perfect to beat those morning blues. Rise and shine with this healthy chocolate drink.

Here’s what you’ll need

Bananas (or any fruit of your choice)
Half a cup of sugar
4 cups of milk
50 grams of Campco Milk Chocomass
Salt to taste

How to make it?

Step 1- Blend any fruit of your choice, preferably bananas with 2 cups of milk. You are now left with a healthy and fine paste. This is your basic smoothie. Continue further to make it chocolaty.
Step 2- Boil the milk and add your Campco Chocomass into it along with sugar. Then mix it well.
Step 3- Add the blended paste to the chocomass mixture and stir well. Your smoothie is ready!

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