Classic eclairs redefined by Campco

Taste this mouth-watering combination of chocolate (Melto) and caramel. Pop one of these deliciously creamy treats in your mouth and savour the irresistible flavors of joy and goodness packed in a bite-sized confectionery.



Chocolate coated butterscotch caramel eclair with the goodness of milk choco mass, infused with cream inside.

mellow chococlate


A smooth and chewy  butterscotch caramel eclair with a creamy honey flavoured centre.


Hazelnut Spread

A sheen chocolaty spread made from healthy hazelnuts that will go perfectly with your morning bread, chapathi and or even dosa.


Jack fruit eclair

A flavorful eclair with a natural creamy jackfruit core blanketed under a smooth layer of caramel

Range of Chocolates