The bar has been raised with Campco Chocolate Bars

Campco offers you a tasty collection of milk chocolate and dark chocolate bars. Smooth, creamy and delicious, these chocolate bars made with the finest homegrown cocoa, blended with the goodness of milk are here to make your day.

dairy dream


Dreamy and mouth-watering chocolate bar handcrafted to entice your senses with its creamy deliciousness and chocolatey indulgence. Savour with every bite, a long-lasting flavorsome swirl giving your taste buds an experience like never before!



A chocolate bar made from the finest ingredients, Melto is an excellent blend of milk solids and Indian-origin cocoa! Wait for the moment when this milk choco cherish melts in your mouth and your heart will know exactly what love feels like!

turbo chocolate


A delicious nougat energy bar enrobed with smooth layer of creamy milk choco mass, every bite of Turbo bar invigorates you! It’s the best option to carry to work for when you have hunger pangs!

krunchos chocolates


With crunchy rice crispies, this heavenly milk chocolate bar is a treat for your taste buds. Hear the perfect crunch with each bite of this chocolicious chocolate bar!



If you love strawberries, this one’s for you! An enrobed chocolate, Megabite is coated with a layer of rich choco mass and infused with a strawberry flavoured nougat!



Krust is one of our finest wafer biscuits coated with choco cherish. This crunchy, creamy vanilla-flavoured wafer biscuit is the perfect choice to share with a buddy or finish all by yourself!

campco bar


A luscious caramel and nougat bar made with rich malt extract, Campco Bar is an enrobed chocolate coated with creamy milk choco mass. Its malt and caramel combination is one-of-a-kind!

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