choco papaya halwa

Choco – Papaya Halwa


Grated Raw Papaya 4 cup
Sugar 2 cup
Ghee 1/4th cup
Choco Mass 50 grams
Milk 1 cup
Badam and Cashew pieces 4 spoons
Add salt for taste

How to make-

Step 1- Boil 1-liter water and add the grated papaya into it and stir it well.
Step 2- Soak the water completely and wash it again with some cold water and soak it again.
Step 3- Add ghee into a pan and fry the grated papaya in it.
Step 4- Boil some milk and let the choco mass dissolve in it.
Step 5- Once the grated papaya turns slightly brown, add 2 cups of sugar and the dissolved choco mass into it and mix it well.
Step 6- Add ghee at regular intervals and keep stirring the mixture until it turns thick. Fry the badam and cashew pieces in ghee and add it to the mixture.

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