A Story of Celebration

of your victories, first triumphs & YOU!

In the year 1986 for the first time ever in the history of agriculture, a farmer dared to dream big. He dreamt of a world where farmers were self-reliant and successful. He taught them something they had never learned before; the skill of growing cocoa and making chocolate. His first step led to what is known as The CAMPCO Chocolate Factory.
Celebrating his first in life got us thinking: If only we could celebrate everyone’s every first in life!
And thus Campco’s #ForEveryFirstInLife came alive! We found outstanding young people like yourself who have proudly shared their stories of love, pride, courage on social media so that others can do the same! Today, we celebrate Riya, Deane, Shantanu, Rutwik, Indraja, Aryan. In the video, they share their ‘firsts’ from their real life on reel and we are proud to have celebrated these moments of theirs with a Campco Chocolate.

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Let’s celebrate your #EveryFirstInLife


Read these stories about people who have broken stereotypes for the first time and designed their own victories!


“Music has always been a part of my life. But, it was around the age of 15 when for the first time I discovered music. My dream is to make India proud by winning a Grammy one day.

Deane Sequeira
Youngest Indian Rapper


“I guess I always knew that I was gender neutral but I didn’t have words to express the feeling. On 9th August 2016, I came out to my parents for the first time. They supported me. I feel free!”

Ria Sharma
LGTQ Speaker /Storyteller


“Life with a skin like mine is fun if you embrace all the attention. I remember my first ever shoot- it was for my senior’s assignment in 2015. She wanted a model who looked like a hippie, and with all that hair I’ve got she chose me.”

Shantanu Gosavi
Unconventional Art Model

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Take a journey on this website and find more stories that will make you laugh, smile or maybe shed a tear. Take a journey within yourself and then share your ‘firsts’ with us. Be it the ‘first time you tried dark chocolate’ or the ‘first time you stood up to a body shamer’. We are waiting to celebrate with you! Because, #EveryFirstInLife deserves a celebration!