campco chocolate factory

Welcome to Campco Factory

The factory of your favourite chocolate company in India is located in the midst of a cocoa cultivation area, in a quaint little village called Kemminje in Puttur, the Pearl City of Mangaluru. Our Campco Chocolate factory was set up in 1986 with the capacity to produce 8,800 metric tonnes of chocolate. Today, we produce over 23,000 tonnes of cocoa-based products here. Equipped with the most modern imported machinery, our passionate chocolate artistes produce cocoa mass, cocoa powder, moulded chocolates, premium chocolate bars, and other cocoa-based products all in one place.
Doesn’t it sound magical? Scroll and take a visual tour below!

campco bar creation
A tempting bar of nougat and caramel enrobed with chocolate, creates a Campco Bar
making ropes of ready-to-cut eclair
Caramel infused with cream going into a rope sizer, making ropes of ready-to-cut eclair
campco chocolate factory
The most satisyfying view of compound chocolate being poured into Chocomass packing trays
campco chocolate factory puttur address
Choco Mass after going through 3 stages of processing to emerge as delicious Choco Chips
campco packaging department
The happy women of the packaging department getting the chocolates ready to reach you
campco milk chocolate production
When freshly made nougat(right) and caramel(left) are blended together, a delicious Campco Bar is born.

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